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M-A-F-I-A: Davide Marrazzo by Ingmi
M-A-F-I-A: Davide Marrazzo


Name: Davide Marrazzo

Age: 23

Gender: Male 

Sexuality: Females

Syndicate: Rose

Years in service: 4 years



Davide was born in Treviso, Italy. His father worked as a professor at a university in Rome, so he was only home in the weekends. His mother therefore took the most care of him. He was a happy child and loved to help his father in the garden when he was home in the weekends. His mother always used to read goodnight stories for him every night, and he was just like any ordinary happy child. When he was 6 years old, his parent’s divorced after his mother found out that his father had an affair with a student at the university. She then decided to move as far away from him that she could imagine, and that was Japan. She took Davide with her, and settled outside of Tokyo. Davide never got used to being without his dad, and grew into a troublesome child. Even though he now hated his father, he didn’t like being away from Italy and his home. When he stared school in Japan he would always get into trouble and fights. At home his mother would scold him, but encourage him to stand up for himself. He grew restless and started to go out all by him self. When he finally got some friends, they weren’t the “right” kind. He got into gangs, and started doing many small crimes; like shoplifting. At the age of 16 he joined criminal organizations in search for work and excitement. And at the age of 19 he heard of the Mafia and syndicated Rose, and got to know that the boss was an Italian. After this he really wanted to join, and get accepted by someone.

 The mafia affected him in many ways. He finally had someone to look up to, his boss Judas Puzo. He found more peace with himself, and became more loyal and obedient. His relationship with his mother has become a little more complicated. They argue a lot, but she always loves when he comes home and visits her. She tells him to quit being in the mafia, and always worry about him. But Davide then tells her that he finally found a place he could be himself and that it made him realize that his “kind” was good for something. (his kind meaning  troublesome people who likes to fight and do crimes.).


Personality: || Restless || Short tempered || Violent || Kind (to some people) ||

If Davide can never sit still and wait for something. He always has to move around and do something. He is also very short tempered, just the smallest of things will make him mad (never ever mention his father). And when e gets mad he also get violent and wants to punch the person that pisses him off. But he have now learned to control himself more, and is better at not starting a fight over small comments. Too some people he is also very kind, especially his mother. If you get closer too him, the more kind he will be.


Likes and dislikes:

+ His mothers cooking//Italian food

+ His butterfly knife

+ Japanese candy

+ Beating people up

+ Alcohol

+ Cigarettes

+ The Italian language


- Dogs

- His father

- Sake

- Rain

- Washing his clothes

- Talking in the telephone



Mother: Loves his mother, but they argue a lot.

Father: Don’t want to ever see him again.

Itou Hinata: A good friend from a gang, who gave him the butterfly knife. Haven’t seen Hinata since he joined the mafia.


Quote: “I’m just tired of people like you.”
          “I really want a cigarette now, and maybe a beer. And some focaccia…with aioli and sundried tomato’s, and don’t forget the olives.”



    -      189 cm tall

    -      Has a neck/shoulder tattoo (it's kinda big)

    -      When drunk he starts to talk Italian without noticing. And if angry and drunk; yell at you in Italian and start a fight

    -      Always prefer to fight with his bare hands or with his knife

    -      Can be very nationalistic about Italy

    -      Sleeps with his butterfly knife under his pillow

    -      Speaks Italian and Japanese. Also knows enough english to order a pizza

    -      Sees the boss as the closest thing to a dad (secretly, and is never going to tell it to anyone)



Rp information: I haven’t RP’d much before, so I don’t really know yet :v

Example of RP-

Davide sat down at the bench waiting for the car to pick him up. He took a deep breath. This was an important deal. “Just don’t screw this up, okay?” he said to himself as he took out the butterfly knife and did some tricks to calm down. It didn’t help.  If he screwed this up, boss would never let him do another job again, and what would he do then? He couldn’t just go back to being a smalltime criminal and what did he know about the normal kind of jobs? Nothing.

       How long had it been now? He was getting impatient. “At least they should be here on time, for fucks sake,” he said and stood up again.  “Ugh, I want a cigarette…”, and suddenly he heard the sounds of a car driving towards his location. “Finally…”

Sorry for being kinda late ; - ;


Illegibilus | Isla Nedly by Ingmi
Illegibilus | Isla Nedly

For :iconillegibilus:  

• Name:
 Isla Nedly

 15 years   


  5.6 (168cm)     

 57 kg

Birthday: 11th april

Nationality: Scottish

House: Hufflepuff    



• Wand Ingredients 

    -       Core:

    -       Length:
   12 ¾ in

    -       Wood:

    -       Flexibility: 


• Spells:

1. Tripping Jinx - Nonverbal

Trips the target with a motion of the wand.

2. Repairing Charm - Reparo

Causes a broken object to piece itself back together. In the case of containers, this will not replace anything that was held within. Wands, and most other magical items, can not be repaired in this manner.

3. Dancing Jinx - Tarantallegra

Causes the victim to dance uncontrollably until dispelled, which can prove highly inconvenient for clumsy or unsuspecting individuals.

4. Episkey - Episkey

A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.

5. Silencing Charm - Silencio, Wushengxu, or Upalla

Silences the victim, preventing any form of vocalization. Can be used to disrupt powerful magic that requires a verbal component.


 • Personality: Honest | Easily distracted | Impatient | Helpful | Clumsy


Isla is honest in every situation because of her getting a bad conscience really easily, and if forced to lie in a situation she’ll either try to change the subject or just not answer your question. She’s also very honest when asked for personal opinions, and will tell you if you look fat in that dress. When you talk with Isla, be prepared for a sudden change of subject (not because of a uncomfortable question), or that she walk away without saying anything because of something that caught her interest. In class she can be distracted by the smallest of things, and often have to read up on the theory in the evenings to catch up.

         If you make her wait for more than 5 minutes, she’ll probably be very irritated and not so happy for the next minute or two. But since she’s easily distracted, she’ll forget about it and suddenly talk about something else.
         When you need help she’ll always be there for you if you ask. And if she knows you well, she’ll probably know that you need her help before you even ask. Her mom though her how to be a “gentlelady”(like her mother called it) and will open door for you, lend you her jacket and share her food with you if you’re hungry.

         Isla has very bad coordination and balance, which makes her very clumsy. She can stand and the suddenly lose her balance and fall. Often she’ll try to be very elegant when she stands up again, and will pretend that nothing happened. This does affect her flying sometimes, and it makes her very irritated because she loves to fly and has always been wanting to join the Quidditch team.


  • Background: Isla was born in Blairgowrie, Scottland and is the second and youngest child in the pour-blood family of four. As young she often played with her older brother Nicol. A game they used to play was “Hide and seek” and Isla has many good memories from this. She’ll probably tell you the story of when she discovered her magical powers. She and her brother played “Hide and seek” as always in the garden. He hid quitely up in an oak tree, and when Isla couldn’t seem to find him and started to grow annoyed, she yelled “Where are you? Give me a hint!!”. The tree started to shake aggressively and Nicol fell to the ground. She was eight at the time, and started to “mase” on everybody in the family to teach her some small magic tricks. Isla is named after the river Isla in Scottland. Her father wanted to call her that, because he used to fish there as a kid with his own father (Billy Nedly, Isla’s grandfather) and had many great memories from these fishingtrips. He tried to have a similar tradition with both Isla and Nicol. But the second time Isla joined a fishintrip she fell in the river when trying to (blabla). Ever since then she has hated both fish and and the river she is named after.

The two weeks before her 11th birthday she would eagerly wait everyday for the Hogwarts letter to arrive, and her mother would talk about how much fun it would be for her and how much she would learn. Isla really admired her mom who could so easily just make something levitate and much much more beautiful magic. Jane went to Gryffindor, so she always wanted to be in Gryffindor her self. The day the letter finally came the family celebrated with Islas favorite tea and cakes.

After shopping together with her mom (getting all the supplies and also her cat, which she named Pomm) and taking the Hogwarts express for the first time with her brother, who were in the sixth grade at the time, the time of the sorting was the next big event. She was very excited and when the hat finally was on her head it said loud and clearly “Hufflepuff!”. For Isla this was a shock, and she became very sad for the next few days and wanted to go home. Even her brother (or Pomm) couldn’t seem to cheer her up. He then sent an owl with the message to their parents, explaining the situation. They responded with a letter saying, “Darling, it will be okay. And some day you will look back at this with a big smile!”.  After a while she made some friends and things didn’t seem so bad after all. Over the years she have grown very found of her house and feels like this was the right house for her after all.


 • Family:


Jane Nedly // Mother: 42, Gryffindor. Works at “Tomes and Scrolls”…

Gavin Nedly // Father: 45 years, Ravenclaw. Works at The Hogsmeade Post Office… 

Nicol Nedly // Older brother: 20 years, Ravenclaw

Billy Nedly // Grandfather: 85 years, Ravenclaw


 • Likes & Dislikes:


+ Flying

+ Potionmaking

+ Her cat, Pomm

+ The oak three in their garden at home

+ Blueberry tea

+ Sleeping with fluffy socks on


- Fish

- The dark

- Lightning

- Waiting

- Coffee 

- When people bite nails

 • Elective Classes: 

            - Care of Magical Creatures

            - Divination

        • Extra Curricular: (Optional, no more than two)

            - Earth Magic

            - Ghoul Studies


        • Pet: 

            - Name: Pomm

            - Species: Cat – Norwegian Forest Cat

            - Gender: Male

            - Personality: Playful | Short tempered | Talkative


Pomm is very found of Isla, and always look forward to play with her in the evenings. He has a bird-toy which she makes levitate around and he will jump and chase it. Isla is actually the only one he really likes. With his short temper you can’t pat him for a long time before you’ll get growled or hissed at, and maybe even scratched. He’ll often find strangers annoying and it will take a long time before he accepts you.
         When Isla is around he’s very talkative and likes to talk about his day. She will answer, maybe not understand what he is saying, but they have some sort of a conversation. (Sounding like this: )
Finally done :iconrazycryplz:



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I'm a girl from Norway, who likes to draw (as you may see).
I'm going to be an illustrator one day!

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